Why Educators Business Visa® Platinum?

Business Visa® Platinum

It seems like every financial institution (and every virtual corner on the Internet) offers credit cards. So, why go with an Educators credit card for your business? It’s a good question.

We have some good answers:

    • No annual fee.
    • No cash advance fee —
    • Low rate of 8.90% APR1 saves you money — on Credit Card Guide, even the top-ranked business credit cards have rates at around 10 percent.
    • Grace period for purchases — if you pay your balance in full each month, your purchases are interest-free.
    • Picture My Card[2] — you can personalize your business credit card with your company logo for more visibility.


Points for Perks

Running a business means a lot of expenses. So it makes sense to earn rewards for paying those expenses.

Educators Visa® Business Platinum is automatically enrolled in Points for Perks credit card rewards.

You earn 1 point for every dollar spent using your Educators Business Visa® Platinum.

Rewards can be redeemed for things like air travel, hotel stays and employee gifts or incentives, like gift cards. You can also redeem points for Educators in-house offers.

Visit any Educators location or call (262) 886-5900 or (414) 325-2500 to apply for your Business Visa® Platinum.

1 APR=Annual Percentage Rate

2 One free personalized image per card for the three-year expiration period of the card.



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