National Dollar Day Facts!

Today is National Dollar Day! What exactly is National Dollar Day? It is a holiday that honors August 8th, 1786 when Congress established our country’s monetary system. In honor of the date, I thought I would share some facts from Educators Credit Union that you may or may not know about our currency.

1) One hundred years ago, the value of a dollar was worth the modern-day equivalent of $23.59. Fifty years ago, a dollar was worth the modern-day equivalent of $7.63.

2) Printed Money is not made at the US Mint, it is actually made the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. The US Mint only makes coins.

3) The first person on the $1 bill of the U.S. federal currency wasn’t George Washington, but was actually Salmon P. Chase who was the Secretary of the Treasury when it was first printed. George Washington didn’t appear on the bill until 1869.

4) Martha Washington was the first woman to appear on US Currency. She was featured on the $1 Silver Certificate in 1886.

Hopefully you learned something new and can impress your friends and/or family with this information!

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