Reality Check for Students

Noah Mailloux attended the April 24 Reality Check Day at Elkhorn High School. He was one of 300 students from Elkhorn and Delavan/Darien high schools to attend the event, a real-world simulation to educate students on financial literacy.

Here is Noah’s essay reflecting on the event:

Every year, many adolescents enter adulthood with little knowledge of the real world and how to handle it because schools don’t put a large enough emphasis on teaching these principles. Things as simple as learning how to write a check are barely, if at all, taught in high school.

Reality Check Day offered me the opportunity to learn about the real world and how to handle myself financially after I finish school and get a job. There are many things I learned at Reality Check Day that I believe will aid me in the future.

The first matter that became evident was the overwhelmingly large number of responsibilities I was given. From health insurance to gasoline, there was definitely a lot to keep track of. I learned that it’s sometimes necessary to be frugal in making decisions. Decisions as simple as deciding whether or not to have a smart phone can culminate to have a big effect on my spending. It’s definitely not possible to treat myself with very many luxuries after getting out of college.

Another important issue I learned was the massive effect that having children can have on my financial status. Having children can take out up to half of my monthly income, leaving me in a tight situation with little room for any extra spending. It taught me that I should strive to be in a strong financial situation before I consider having children.

Reality Check Day provided me with a taste of how to handle myself financially once I enter adulthood. I feel now that I have a stronger idea of what to expect and how to make wise decisions in my spending. I’m grateful for the opportunity to prepare myself for the next stage in my life.

Reality Check Day on the road

Get details about having a Reality Check Day at your school, contact Educators Branch Operations Program Manager at (262) 321-4470.

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FoolProof is a financial education program geared toward high school students.

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