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Wednesday Web Wrangling: Afraid of Money

Welcome to Wednesday Web Wrangling! Each Wednesday, we’ll take a look around the Internet and share the best/funniest/most helpful financial blog posts and articles we have found. Enjoy!

“Afraid of Money” — It’s something we can all relate to, being in a not perfect financial situation and not seeing a way out and kinda freaking out over it. J. Money over at Budgets are $exy an email with just that situation and tackles answering the emailer and opens it up to comments from his readers.

Budget software review — Aaron over at Three Thrifty Guys reviews the You Need A Budget budgeting program and, even better, it’s on sale right now. It gets a pretty positive review for its “simple approach to budgeting and money management.” He recommends YNAB to anyone who is just starting on trying to get a handle on his/her finances, but no so much for the “budget wiz.”

“Here’s What You Missed” – MakinSense Babe talks finance for non-finance people (and she calls finance people annoying, which she can do because she is a finance person) on her video blog Makin’ Sense Babe. She does regular posts on “What You Missed” and explains what the news means to you. She also offers Investor Class Videos and WTF Wall Street Word videos (funny). And even if you can’t watch the videos, she offers written posts with her videos.

“Pain Is Not A Lifestyle” Brad Chaffee and his team at Enemy of Debt tackle the emotional side of debt and money decisions. It’s a fact that most humans look at money with our emotions and not just cold, hard logic. Team EOD helps you stay motivated to keep your financial goals on track. Travis writes about that exact thing in his post on pain. “Getting out of debt is hard, Living with debt is hard. Choose your hard.” If that sounds like a fitness quote, it’s because it is. Or was, anyway. But it’s applies to finances, too.



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