Is Refinancing on Your Mind?

Refinancing is a popular move right now. Mortgage interest rates are at historically low rates and the idea of refinancing your higher-rate mortgage may be appealing.

There are many factors that go into determining if a mortgage refinance would pay off for you:

  • Will your interest rate go down?
  • Will your mortgage term be shorter?
  • Will you switch the type of mortgage (from adjustable rate/ARM to a fixed or vice versa)?
  • Will you combine two mortgages into one?

Those are the most common reasons — and the most financially sound, generally — to refinance. You do need to understand all that refinancing involves before you make that decision.

Make Educators the Home for Your Home Loan

Applying is Easy! You can apply for a mortgage online, by phone or in person. A decision is usually made immediately, or within 24 hours at the longest. Your entire refinancing process can be done without you coming to the office until the day you close.

Track your loan online. Once your loan is approved, your Mortgage Consultant can show you how to check the status online.

One contact person. No matter how you apply, you are assigned a Mortgage Consultant who will guide you through the process and be your personal contact.

Rates and costs Our rates and costs are competitive with, and in many cases lower than other financial institutions.

Visit our Online Mortgage Center for other calculators, current rates and much more.

Is refinancing right for you? Contact a Mortgage Consultant at (262) 886-5900 or (414) 325-2500 to discuss your specific situation.



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    1. Thank you Kenneth, we are available to look at this together through Educators WeCU video banking or over the phone at 262.886.5900

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