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Top 5 Free Things to Do This Summer

Now that we can officially declare that Summer has begun, there are plenty of events and activities taking place that all cost money. However, these are some things I like to do this time of year that don’t cost anything since they use items I already have.

1) Go to a park that has a volleyball net and bring an inflatable beach ball along. You can teams easily and have a good mix of young/old and athletic/non-athletic. I know the premise sounds pretty bland, but unlike using a volleyball, the giant beach ball totally levels the playing field. I did this at my friend Nora’s graduation party with her friends and family, and it was the best time I’ve ever had playing sports.

2) Check with the Parks and Recreation Department of your town or a town nearby and see if there are free movies playing in the park. Usually these take place once a month in town’s that participate and the movie is always family-friendly.

3) Have your friends over for a board game night. Everyone has board games in a closet that haven’t been played. Assuming all the pieces are still there, enjoy a game you might have overlooked. Personally, I’m in board game limbo since I’m terrible at non-trivia games and too good at trivia games to the point where my friends don’t like playing against me. Still, they are fun games and serve as a good spring board for conversations.

4) Use the library! For some reason, libraries are often overlooked and even if you don’t have a book/movie/cd in mind, sometimes it is just fun to browse and find really unique books. For example, when I went a few months ago, I stumbled across a book that was a complete guide to fast food toys that were given away from the 60s through the 90s.

5) Do you have a friend that is in a recreational sports league? Attend one of their games as a spectator. I used to play kickball and it was always a treat when my friends or family would come to a game. As a spectator, even though the game isn’t professional, you actually have a greater emotional investment as you cheer on your friend. Every few months I like to go to my friend Andy’s hockey games. It is especially nice in the summer when it is so cool inside the arena and an escape from the outdoor heat.

What are some activities that you like to do during the summer that are free or cost very little?

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